Call Me Mocha

September 6, 2011.

“Call me Mocha. Wow….I believe that a famous book began with the opening words of ‘Call Me Ishmael.’ I know that a dog blog is quite common these days, and that many books abound about man and his best friend. I probably am adding nothing new to the experiences of those who have picked up ‘Marley and Me,’ or for that matter any other canine oriented book. I am a miniature schnauzer now fourteen years old and I know the time I have left with my dad is growing short. I have a dog’s tale of fourteen years. It is filled with love, laughter, and tears. However, mostly it is filled with love among the laughter and the tears. So, here is my story and all stories like fairy tales have a beginning that goes ‘once upon a time.'”

“I was born in May of 1997 on a farm in Three Points, Arizona. Three Points is part of Tucson but is on its outskirts. It is very close to the famous Kitt Peak Observatory. I have been to Kitt Peak but we’ll save that story for another time. My dad was a coal black miniature schnauzer and my mother was a gray haired one. I am black as are my brothers and sisters. We were a family of seven schnauzers. My mother, father, three girls, and two boys. I was given the name ‘Mocha’ by my human mom. Her name was ‘Carol.’ For the first few weeks of my life my mom called all of us ‘little ones.’ Humans cannot hear what animals communicate to each other. We do not have your gift of speech, or perhaps more your burden of speech. We communicate silently with each other. We communicate through body language. And at times we do communicate through sound. We posture at times. We challenge at times. And we play.”

“Carol first picked me up when I was four weeks old. I was so small that I fit in her hand like a teacup. I didn’t get to meet the man who was to become my human dad until I was six weeks old. His name is ‘Harmon.’ He was much bigger and taller than my mom and when he held me in his hand I still looked like a teacup. There was something about him that felt gentle. Humans can be scary but he felt warm and loving and rubbed the side of my face. My mother sat and looked at him and seemed to softly move her tail to tell me that she liked him. He put me down so that I could be with my mom and at that point I lay down next to her and fell peacefully asleep.”